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Demo Description
 Firefox toolbar extension (4 min)
  MPEG, AVI, YouTube

 Also see what is under the hood of this demo.

Illustrates usage of AMICO Firefox extension on example that combines translation service, with several text-to-speech engines, and database access.

 Speech navigation and playback control (45 sec)
  MPEG, AVI, YouTube
With voice commands "previous" and "jump", the user goes through the list of web links, which are opened in the browser. On pages with video content, users can use commands "wait", "play", "quite", and "louder", to pause and stop the playback, or to change the volume. Demonstrates how to use speech with ContentChangerApplet and ScriptingApplet.
 Speech interaction with Google Maps
  MPEG, AVI, YouTube
Speech interaction with Google maps, where user can navigate the map (up, down, left, right), zoom in or out, switch between satellite and map presentation, ask detailed view or get overview of the region, and jump to a specific city by saying its name.


 Face-detection based control of video playback within a web page (30 sec)
  MPEG, WMF, YouTube
Playback control of video based on face detection, where the player is paused if there are no one in from of the screen. The playback continues when there is at least one person noticed by face detector. Based on the face size, the system roughly estimates the distance of the user from the screen, and it stops the playback if the user is too close, sending appropriate speech output to notify the user.
 Motion-detection based control of video playback within a web page
  MPEG, AVI, YouTube
Similar to face-detection demo, but here we use motion as a trigger for starting a video playback. User has to move in order to keep the player running.
 Speech interaction with a VRML scene
  MPEG, AVI, YouTube
Controlling a H-ANIM character in a VRML scene, where the user can "ask" animated character to walk, run, jump or stand.
 Face-detection based motion parallax navigation of a VRML scene (35 sec)
  MPEG, AVI, YouTube
Face detector track the position of user face and rotates or translates the scene creating the effect of exploring the object in 3D space.





Demo Description
 AMICO:CALC Addin Simple Demo 1
  MPEG, AVI, YouTube
Illustrates how to use AMICO_WRITE command within OpenOffice.org Calc to access two text-to-speech services (English and Dutch).
 AMICO:CALC Addin Simple Demo 2
  MPEG, AVI, YouTube
Illustrates how to use complex services from OpenOffice.org Calc with AMICO_WRITE and AMICO_READ commands. This example uses the Google Spelling checker and text-to-speech output services.
 AMICO:CALC Addin Advanced Demo
  MPEG, AVI, YouTube
This is a complex demo for AMICO:CALC, an OpenOffice.org Calc AddIn. This example uses English and Dutch text-to-speech services (to pronounce original and translated text), Babel Fish translation service (to do the translation), Wordnet lexicon (for term definitions), Google spelling checker, and Google search engine service (to get first three web links for given input).


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