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AMICO:WEB - Web Integration Modules

Web integration module How to run Description Runs on:
Firefox toolbar extension

   Demo: (AVI, 20 MB)


Extension is located in <amico-root>/modules/external-modules/firefox-toolbar. Drag and drop .xpi file in Firebox/Mozilla window, and restart the browser. A generic AMICO:WEB Firefox/Mozilla extension based on the MIT Simile open-source Java Firefox Extension. This Firefox toolbar extension mechanism gives us the access to a browser functionality, and through it we can also read and change the content of the web page dynamically. Within the toolbar extension, we have added a thread that opens a TCP connection to AMICO communcator, and sends or receives events from the infrastructure. Firefox/Mozilla Web browsers
Scripting applet (Details)

Embedding in HTML pages. See the details. A Java applets that transforms notifications sent from the infrastructure into calls of HTML scripting functions. With this applet, we are able to interact with components, such as RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, QuickTime players, or Flash players, and accessing and manipulating VRML scenes using the VRML External Authoring Interface (EAI) scripting API exposed by VRML players to the browser. Any Java and Javascript compliant Web browser (Firefox/Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape...)
Content Changer Applet (Details)

Embedding in HTML pages. See the details. Instead of providing fixed HTML pages with embedded links to multimedia content, we have developed a more flexible content-changer system that can enable playback of multimedia on the Web. The basic idea is to enable the dynamic building and control of player settings based on the values present in the communicator. Our content-changer component loads two lists of links. The first list contains links to multimedia content, such as a link to a movie, or a link to a VRML scene. A link could refer to static content on some server, or to a dynamic Web page that generates multimedia content on-the-fly. Every link from this list is also associated with a list of players that can be used to open the linked content, optionally with the target window in which it should be played. The second list contains links to dynamic Web pages that embed players for each of the supported multimedia content types. Any Java and Javascript compliant Web browser (Firefox/Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape...)
Content Changer Server (Details)  

java -jar modules/amico-modules/content-changer/modules-content-changer.jar <content-list-url> <template-list-url>

Example (click on links to see example configuration files):

java -jar modules/amico-modules/content-changer/modules-content-changer.jar "file:conf/modules/content-changer/content-templates.xml" "file:conf/modules/content-changer/player-templates.xml"

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