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AMICO:CALC - End-User Programming with AMICO

This AMICO extension enables end user to update AMICO and receive notifications within spreadsheet programs. Spreadsheet programs are the most popular form of end-user programming, with millions of user using them daily. The idea of AMICO:CALC is to enable users familiar with this interaction paradigm, to use and configure AMICO by using spreadsheet programs such as OpenOffice.org Calc.


AMICO:CALC integration module How to run Description Runs on:
OpenOffice Calc AddIn


Extension is located in <amico-root>/modules/external-modules/AmicoSpreadsheet. Add in for OpenOffice.org Calc. It includes two commands:
  • AMICO_WRITE(<variable>;<value>)
  • AMICO_READ(<variable>)

AMICO_WRITE updates the variable in AMICO, while AMICO_READ receive notifications from AMICO, and updates cells in OpenOffice.org Calc.


  • AMICO_WRITE("message-en"; "This is a message")
  • AMICO_READ("translated-text")
OpenOffice.org Calc 2.0


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