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Adaptable Multi-Interface COmmunicator



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About AMICO:

AMICO (Adaptable Multi-Interface COmmunicator) is a generic platform for rapid application development with heterogenious open-source and free software components and services. Original aim of AMICO was to support development of interactive applications in sensor-enhanced ambient environments. However, AMICO is much broader is scope, and it has been used in many other domains. The basic motivation of AMICO is to enable easier reuse of many existing software components from many open-source software (OSS) and free projects and services. AMICO is built on ideas from loosely-coupled integration platforms, middleware platforms for components integration, and service oriented architectures, but it focuses on pragmatic aspects of OSS integration, often absent from existing solutions.

AMICO introduce several novel elemets:

Primary user group for this platform are developers who want to rapidly prototype various interactive applications using different OSS components and services. However, we are also working on user interfaces that can enable easy configuration of AMICO for end users without developing skills (see AMICO:CALC). For more details, see documentation and demos.

AMICO is initially developed by Željko Obrenović within Semantic Media Interfaces group at the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Sciences (CWI) in Amsterdam.


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