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Module How to run (from AMICO root; this root is also used in AMICO process runner). Description
RFID reader

java -jar modules/sensors/rfid-reader/sensors-rfid.jar <com-port><update-variable> <rfid-id-size> <start-id-pos> <end-id-pos>  <communcator-host> <communcator-udp-port>


java -jar modules/sensors/rfid-reader/sensors-rfid.jar COM5 user-id 32 16 24 localhost 3311

(Explanation: opens COM5 port to communicate with RFID reader, sends update commands to command at localhost:3311, updating variable "user-id". ID sent from the RFID reader is 32 bytes long, but we use only bytes between 16th to 24th position)

Send detected ID from an RFID reader. Currently supports SONMICRO 125 KHz RFID - CY8C0105 RFID Module.


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