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AMICO: Documentation / AMICO Multimedia Modules


Example of configurations for using multimedia players and VJ tools with AMICO.


Module Used interface/module Description

XML-RPC (see example configuration file) The AMBULANT Player is an open-source media player with support for Synchronized Multimedia Interchange Language (SMIL).
VLC Player

HTTP/URL(see example configuration file)

VLC (previously VideoLAN Client) is a highly portable open-source multimedia player for various audio and video formats, as well as for DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.

VeeJay Open Sound Control (OSC) (see example configuration file) Veejay is a visual instrument and video sampler that allows playing and mixing the video in real-time.
Lives Open Sound Control (OSC) (see example configuration file) LiVES is a free, open source video editor and a VJ tool.
Subtitles reader Available soon... Reads subtitles file synchronized with a timer.


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